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I own a black demon too;]

My dear fellow black cat lovers,

I have recently acquired a cat. More specifically a black kitten. And to say the truth: cats bewitched me, i have no idea how could i have survived without them. I think that the saying that "Kittens can happen to anyone" is very true.

Shiva the cat

Shiva was born approx. at the beginning of august this year, his mother is unknown, and so is his father. Well, there were two she-cats giving birth at the same time, so naturally the kittens mixed together. And as for the father - you know cats, it could have been any male cat within the 30 km radius...

Shiva's curiosity know no boundaries Exploring...

So apart from the fact that he -indeed- has been born, and is -probably- a cat, his black coat is what sets him apart from his numerous bothers and sisters. I wanted to own a black cat, and when he (and only he) came to meet me when i came to take him home, i knew he was the right one.

Why can't kittens stay kittens a little while longer? He grew up so fast...

Last warm autumn days

Well, i hope you enjoy his pictures, he is a living proof that cat can never strike a pose that isn't photogenic.

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