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black cat fanatics
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20th-Jun-2014 12:26 pm---
I am selling pet supplies to hopefully save up enough money eventually to buy a cheap house, which will more than likely need rehabbed and since I'd be starting from scratch, I plan to catify the entire thing for my furbabies! I have toys, climbing items, cooling mats and will eventually add A LOT more! So keep an eye out for updates on new items! You will be supporting 2 black cats (and a grey tabby cat):



Payment accepted: PayPal, Google Wallet Payments, Money Orders (AT YOUR OWN RISK)
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23rd-Feb-2014 12:45 pm - Sunday morning...

Meh, would've slept it in if weren't for Lestat, aka Supermodel Boodaboo, bothering me for food. Couldn't go back to sleep after that.

His preferred method is to lay above my head and knead or chew on my hair. Many times I'll wake up with my head completely pushed off the pillow and him curled up and contentedly purring above me. I'll usually push him off and go back to sleep.

If that doesn't work, he'll locate some paper (usually an important piece of mail) or plastic and chew on that, which makes a horrible rattling sound that is very hard to ignore. I'll stop that by dipping my fingers in the water glass and flinging it at him. That will send him running.

He'll loaf on my chest and stare at me. You ever tried sleeping through a cat staring at you?

He'll also lay right by head and purr. Which would lull me to sleep if it weren't accompanied by loud meowing in my ear.

His newest trick is to go under the bed and rattle a plastic bag RIGHT UNDERNEATH ME. I sleep next to the wall, so he knows I can't reach him there. Little bastard.

So, how does your cat wake you up?

Lestat on my chest...
Lestat on my belleh
24th-Nov-2012 07:01 am - do you have crazy cats too
my cats are running all over the porch chaseing each other and jumping at the door.it sounds like horses running all over the porch.i open the door and they sit there all cute just looking at you like IM NOT DOING ANYTHING :p
4th-Oct-2012 02:41 am - Kitty Campaign
HELP Hurley by slow_mo_panda
I am just making a quick post to ask if anyone would be willing to help with my campaign to keep my kitties!
No, I am not a cat hoarder trying to keep 50 cats in horrible conditions. I am actually being threatened with eviction and law suit for having the same 2 cats I have had for the past 3+ years at this apartment. The manager decided over a year after I moved in to change the pet policy, and I told her then I wasn't going to get rid of my two best friends. She never said anything until recently, and now she is forcing me to decide: break up my fur babies, or get kicked out.
I am making this plea to all cat lovers out there. If you want to make harsh and cruel comments about this, please contain yourselves. I have been under unbearable pressure already, so being bashed and bullied will not help.
Those of you who DO want to help, you can find all info here:
Or on FB: http://www.facebook.com/chii.hurley.5

Me and my furbabies thank you!
30th-Jul-2012 12:05 am - MOSES
Our black cat, Moses, continues to reign in our home. He sets meal times, and tries to set bed times too. Bedtime is more difficult though as I'm a night owl. He waits with me where ever I may be until I say the magic words: Moses, "Let's go to bed". Then he follows me, hops up on the bed, takes up way too much room, and spends his nights with us. I like to know where my little (big) black kitty is when I go to bed. It's like that TV announcement: "It's 10 o'clock, do you know where your children are"? I do feel better knowing where he is.
29th-Jul-2012 07:30 pm - Aragorn & Hardy
Black cat big eyes
My lovely cat Aragorn is 7 and we recently got a beautiful black kitten that we called Hardy.

Photos of them both under the cut!

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Hope you like my babies! :)
27th-Jul-2012 10:38 pm - My Ada
sunsplashed face

Hi! I'm Joelly. :)

she's silly...Collapse )

hug-happy, cat
Velvet needs a temporary home! Her owner is in a bad roommate situation, and the roommates are abusing the cat when the owner isn't around. She's looking for a safe place to foster Velvet until she can move out (which may be a while, as she's in school and funds are tight). Details here:

19th-May-2012 06:34 pm---
Hey everyone! I'm 22 years old, and still a very "new" cat-owner. I've had an orange and white kitty, Maggie now for almost 6 years - and she's the love of my life ♥ but I recently moved out of my Dad's & got myself a beautiful little black kitten, who I love & adore so very much! She's about 14 weeks old, and her name is Ninja :)

6th-May-2012 04:53 pm - Hello Everybody!!
Sexy John
I love cats specially Black ones!! I own three fur babies that are the light of my eyes. I'm glad to find a community dedicated to black cats, they have been so much misunderstood through the ages and they are just adorable beings... I'm so happy to have found this group, already, I have seen so far a lot of Gorgeous babies!! Now I want to share some pictures of mines with you...

This is Bastet,  he is the king of the house...

This is Ramses, he is such a sweet cat...

And last but not least, Isis, she is a little cute rascal, but don't let her fool you  we call her "White Devil"

27th-Mar-2012 09:11 am - ADORABLE
BJ Chillin'
3rd-Feb-2012 08:24 am - D'AWWW
BJ Chillin'
My cat Bailey had kittens the other day, this one was SO vocal lol <3

This little guy turned out to be grey, but she had two black and a white as well :)
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