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blackcats's Journal

black cat fanatics
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We love black cats here! :D

This community is for those with a special attraction and fascination for black cats. We welcome anything related to our dark-furred feline friends.

--Good Luck/Bad Luck
--Wikipedia entry on black cats
--The Mystique Behind Black Cats
--Scientific proof that black cats may be more fortunate
--Black Fur Brings Cats Good Luck
--h2g2 entry on black cats
--Do Black Cats Cause Bad Luck -- an experiment
--Superstitions and Myths About the Black Cat
--October: Black Cat Month
--Flickr: The Black Cats Pool (huge gallery)
--Catster's Lucky Black Cats group page
Feel free to share any links you would like added above.

By being a part of this community, we expect you to abide by these basic rules:
Limit your posts to things related to black cats, or pictures of black cats. Not to be anal or discriminatory, it's just that there are TONS of more general and appropriate cat communities for other posts like that. And, seriously, if your cat's all white with a black spot on its tail, IT'S NOT BLACK. If it's all black with a white spot on its tail, however, that's close enough ;) If you sneak in photos of your other cats with your black one, we won't tell :P Off-topic posts may be deleted.
When posting multiple or gigantic pictures in an entry, use the LJ-CUT tag or we may delete it.
Restrain yourself when posting pictures. Don't post more than once a day. Group your pictures together into one post.
Please post pictures with at least some aesthetic taste. Don't post pictures that are just an out-of-focus mess, or 10 pictures of your cat sitting there doing the same thing. There is no doubt your cat is awesome, so limit your pictures to ones that show it ;)
If you really want to express a dissenting opinion but don't have the maturity to say it respectfully, then don't say it. Assholes and trolls will be banned. In a similar vein, entries with comments disabled will be deleted.