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what would u do if your cat did this......Jessica's cat, Mr. Fluff, chases her and her boyfriend Cameron around the house, scratching up everything in sight.
Tommaso, a rescued black moggy, inherited €10 million ($13.4 million) from his late owner and is now believed to be the richest cat in the world.

Tommaso’s hoomin, the childless, 94-year-old widow of a successful builder, instructed her lawyers via handwritten note to identify “the animal welfare body or association to which to leave the inheritance and the task of looking after the cat Tommaso.”

Under Italian law, animals cannot inherit directly. However, they can be beneficiaries if a suitable trustee is found. The elderly widow entrusted the cat (and his fortune) to a friend and fellow cat-lover named Stefania, who also nursed the widow during her last months.
1st-Dec-2011 06:40 pm---

does your cat like water.there is no way mine would ever get in a tub of water it would run.lol
Hells Yes!
I'm looking for someone who's willing to watch my cats until I can get back on my feet. I'm currently living with my parents and it would break their lease to have my two cats here. I had to move unexpectedly and very quickly from Schenectady (four hours east) at the beginning of last November and a friend there said she'd watch my cats until I got a job and my own place here in Rochester. She's started asking if I know when I'll be able to pick them up, so I need to find someone in this area who can watch them. I've asked friends and people I know, but none of them can. I love them fiercely and the thought of rehoming them makes me cry.

They're both fixed, litter trained, and indoor. They're not up-to-date on their shots, which I'm planning to take care of once they're back with me. Sam is a nine-year-old large white DSH whose front paws are declawed (he was that way when I adopted him). Maya will be seven in two months and she's a black DSH who is part Siamese with the mouth to prove it. Both are used to living with other cats and I'll cover food and litter and whatever else might come up.

As the title indicates, I'm willing to drive within an hour or so if necessary. If two hours is necessary, then two hours is necessary. All I care is that my cats are taken care of and I don't have to rehome them.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help.

My furbabies:Collapse )
13th-Feb-2011 04:35 am - R.I.P Pusspuss
I just wanted to let everyone that last night at 9:45ish. Pusspuss past away.. I'm really having a difficult time with his passing. He lived to be 14yrs old. I'm so numb I hardly slept a wink. I dreamed that pusspuss was still alive. And that he cuddled next to me. Like he was saying goodbye. I miss you so much..... Heres a photo of me and pusspuss. I took these pics of me and him around 4pm before dinner.

25th-Nov-2010 01:59 am---
Hi, my name's Frank and I'm an Ostrich. Old picture dug up in flickr. He is doing GREAT since he's been on antibiotics though and is slowly getting back to his playful self. I'm so happy for him :)

18th-Nov-2010 04:38 pm - Frank Update
Hi guys, I posted a couple weeks ago about my Frankie having some problems with inappropriate elimination. At that time my vet was pretty convinced it was mostly behavioral, with a SLIGHT chance of bladder infection. Since he got his shot of antibiotics, he was doing fantastic, no accidents at all. We made the decision to get a 2nd litter box and change his food to Purina One Urinary Track Formula (Purina might not be *THE BEST* but it's the only brand they had in Petsmart for Urinary heath and lowering pH). So things had been going good. Then, about two days ago, it got WAY worse. He started urinating EVERYWHERE. On the floor, in my dogs crate, in my bed, on chairs, ON MY KITCHEN COUNTER! I didn't think too much of it until yesterday when all of his puddles had a pretty good amount of blood in them. I'd clean up his pee all day long if I thought it was behavioral, but somehow I wasn't convinced that's what it was.

I called the vet back and made an appointment for today to come in. So this morning we went back and had him looked at again. Poor baby peed in his carrier on the way over. This time I requested X-rays to rule out kidney stones or crystals in his bladder although she thought it was just a bladder infection. So after a urine sample and an X-ray the vet concluded that there was no sugar in his urine so she ruled out diabetes, no stones or crystals, and his urine's pH was still generally low (around 7 I think was the number?) So she thought that there was a lot of inflammation in his bladder along with a bladder infection. He got another concentrated shot of antibiotics, and he'll go back in two weeks and get another one, then two weeks after that we will followup and have him checked out again. So far so good since we've been home, although it takes 24 hours for the antibiotics to get their full effect, he hasn't been straining to pee on my kitchen counter yet.

And here he is at the vets office

4th-Nov-2010 03:46 am---
Hi kitty lovers, my Frank has been having a bit of a problem and I was looking for some suggestions. He has been peeing around the house. At first it was just in the dog beds, he peed in their bed once, then again a few weeks later. I thought maybe he was being territorial (but from what I've read, neutered male cats don't tend to do that), but then he peed in my bed. I took him to the vet the next day thinking maybe he had a urinary track infection or a bladder infection. The vet kept him for the day to wait for a urine sample and when they got it they said there was a *tiny* bit of blood in his urine which isn't usually that uncommon but since he was having problems they would give him antibiotics anyways just in case. They didn't think blood work was necessary since he overall looks very healthy and at a young age they didn't think they would find anything. The vet said it might just be behavioral if he keeps doing it and we might want to switch his food. He's been eating Purina Cat Chow since he was a year old (he's around 5 now). Oh, and he's been nibbling on dog food lately, which I thought was strange so we are really trying to keep him away from it just in case. Everything has been going great with him until two days ago he climbed into the dog crate and peed in their bedding. Now we are keeping the crate closed during the day (the dogs prefer to be in a lap anyway). Any suggestions on what we can do to stop this behavior? Besides banishing all dog beds and blankets from the floor and constantly keeping a waterproof mattress protector on my bed? I don't think he's stressed over anything - he shares the house with one other cat (who he's been living with for 4 years), and two dachshunds (which he's been living with for 2 years) and he gets plenty of one-on-one snuggle time and play time and even gets romps in the backyard in his cat run which he LOVES.

Anyway, he's the culprit in his Halloween outfit.

20th-Oct-2010 03:09 pm - LOL cat
Tolkien Smaug

If you like it, please rate it up. http://cheezburger.com/View/4084939264
27th-Sep-2010 05:08 pm - Holiday Gift Ideas!
Getting an early start on the holidays means saving $$! From now until Dec 1. I will be offering my fine art pet portraits done in pastels at a special discounted price.
5x7: $100 -- NOW: $85
8x10: $125 -- NOW: 110
A flat rate of $9 for shipping [world wide]
Matting is available for only $5
A deposit of $50 is required before portrait is started. My fine art pet portraits make beautiful, unique gifts for any animal lover!
Visit: http://jessicakaleillustration.weebly.com/pastel--charcoal.html for pastel examples
Contact me [JessKale@gmail.com] to discuss further details.
Also, I am selling "Holiday Greeting Cards Kitty Style" you can kind info here: http://community.livejournal.com/kittypix/13232484.html
And here is a pic of my black kitty as a baby:
11th-Sep-2010 03:32 pm---
we have an outside black cat and hes at least 15 years old.he shows up to eat and then leaves.im in alabama and it dosent get as cold as up north so a lot of people have outside cats.i was wondering do any of u live where it gets below freezeing for weeks at a time in winter and have an outside cat.or have you seen any outside cats. like people in north dakota where its below 0 i would be shocked if there is out side or feral cats up there.

oh during the winter i got a cat house that i put hay in and he does sleep in it when it gets real cold.
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